Friday, October 26, 2007

Team Wisconsin Update 10-26-07

It was a really good day worshipping with the Spooner congregation and getting to spend a little time Pastor Ron and Karen and Pastor Chopper and Andrea. Chopper is doing a great job leading the student ministries and assisting Ron. Ron has faithfully led and developing a healthy, reproducing church in northern Wisconsin. Over a year ago when Hayward mothered The River church, Pastor Ron and the leadership at Spooner graciously gave permission for people from Spooner to assist. As a result, there have been a number of people who have jumped in to this new developing congregation in Minong. Spooner has taken the lead in Nicaragua with their strong financial support for Mike and Amy Knox, missionaries to that country. Thanks, Spooner, for being an example in building the kingdom and helping fulfill the vision here in Wisconsin of developing healthy, reproducing church here and around the world.

We spend two plus days processing those preparing for ministry here in Wisconsin. We plan to recommend several for ordination next year. There are number of new students and staff that we had the privilege of meeting and getting to know better. It is always exciting to see how God continues to call out those who He needs to gift to lead His kingdom work.

Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana
I caught up with Daniel Munoz last week. Here are a couple of highlights. Did you know that the pastors’ wives of all the Milwaukee churches get together once a month, too? The pastors are in an LDJ and meet monthly, too. Did you know that a little over three years ago there were 4 Wesleyan churches in the Milwaukee area and by sometime this year there will be 7? Iglesia was the first new one. Transformation city is the 2nd new one. And in another week Morillo will arrive to begin laying the groundwork for the 3rd new one. Also, last Sunday Daniel dedicated a child and 8 family members, unchurched, showed up, began asking questions and are interested in coming back. Next Sunday Daniel and his congregation will go to Hales Corners Wesleyan at 11 AM and baptize 4 more people, using Our Savior’s portable baptistry. How’s that for camaraderie and cooperation?

Spiritual Formation Training for Teachers/Leaders

WHAT: Exciting time of motivation and training for effective spiritual formation

WHO: Dr. Jim Dunn (Adult), Rev. Colleen Derr (Children) and Rev. Scott Simmons (youth) from the Spiritual Formation Department in Indy will be leading

WHEN: November 3, Saturday (southwest and southeast regions)
November 4, Sunday (north region)

WHERE: November 3—CrossPoint Nazarene Church, Madison
November 4—Spooner Wesleyan Church

FOR: Pastors, Directors, Teachers, Small Group leaders, of children, youth, and adults.


October 25 Ballinger Fund

October 27 DBA

October 28 Drop in visit (Transformation City)

November 1 Parkway LBA Dialogue

November 3-4 Spiritual Formation Tour

November 3-4 The River (Minong) visit
November 5 Baker St. LBA Dialogue
November 6 Eastman LBA Dialogue
November 8 North Central Staff LDJ
November 8 Beulah LBA Dialogue

November 10-11 Northern Lakes Visit
November 9-10, 16-17 District Extension Class (Mukwonago)

November 12 West Allis LBA Dialogue
November 19 Burr LBA Dialogue
November 25 Burr/Valley Visit
November 26 Northern Lakes LBA Dialogue

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