Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sand Lake is experiencing good grief these days. Pastor Jim and Terri Maness had their farewell a week ago on their final Sunday at the church they’ve led for 15 years. Last Sunday I spoke at the church and met with their board. The congregation is sad to see them go. But what is encouraging is that the church that was running in the 50’s then is a much stronger and healthy congregation of 275 today. Please pray for the church and leadership as they search for the right leader for the next season of ministry in the Coulee region.

Indiana Wesleyan University
God continues to bless IWU. I just returned from the fall Trustee board meeting. There are many new developments in the fulfillment of the mission of IWU.
· This is the first year with a guaranteed 50% tuition scholarship for all Wesleyan pastors and missionaries’ children
· A special scholarship for all Wesleyan students was initiated from a newly established Wesleyan scholarship fund
· Enrollment on the Marion campus surpassed 3,000 students
· A new three story class room building was completed and dedicated.
· New student housing units were completed this summer.
· A new indoor sports arena and tennis courts were completed this summer/fall
· A new Master of Divinity program is being studied and developed
· Michael Moffitt, a former wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers (yeah, Wisconsin!), is a new vice-president at IWU
· A new, much needed chapel is being planned

In addition to having a chance to connect with my grandson for short time, we also had the privilege of connecting with Russell and Vonnie Buck, former District Superintendent of the Wisconsin district. Russell and Vonnie are on their way to Florida where the weather is warmer and the golfing is a lot more fun in January than it is in Wisconsin.

Spiritual Formation Training for Teachers/Leaders

WHAT: Exciting time of motivation and training for effective spiritual formation

WHO: Dr. Jim Dunn (Adult), Rev. Colleen Derr (Children) and Rev. Scott Simmons (youth) from
the Spiritual Formation Department in Indy will be leading

WHEN: November 3, Saturday (southwest and southeast regions)
November 4, Sunday (north region)

WHERE: November 3—CrossPoint Nazarene Church, Madison
November 4—Spooner Wesleyan Church

FOR: Pastors, Directors, Teachers, Small Group leaders, of children, youth, and adults.


October 7 Sand Lake
October 9-10 OWU Visit, GS/DS Meeting
October 11-16 Vacation
October 21 Spooner
October 22-23 DBMD
October 25 Ballinger Fund
October 27 DBA
October 28 Drop in visit

November 3-4 Spiritual Formation Tour Event
The River (Minong) Visit

Leading a great team—Your Servant, Dan Bickel, Wisconsin District Superintendent

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