Thursday, July 26, 2007

Team Wisconsin Update

Dennis and Sela Jones moved from Eastern New York a few weeks ago and are settling into a very nicely remodeled home at the Beulah Wesleyan church. The congregation, who has been without a pastor for several months, took the opportunity to do some significant upgrades to the home beside the church – new bathroom on the main level, new hall and laundry room, and an all new kitchen. A special thanks goes to Chuck Davis, vice chair, and the board, for their leadership and hard work in maintaining the ministry during the time of transition. I had the privilege of installing Pastor Dennis on Sunday, then Reenie and I enjoyed the tour of the home and dinner with them. Pastor Dennis and the congregation are excited about the future!

News and Notes

Youth Camp starts next Monday. For registration information, go to the website They’re anticipating a great week at SkyLodge camp in Montello, WI. Chopper Brown and his team have done great preparing. God has plans for each of the teens’ lives. Pray that every one of them will hear from God and many will experience life change.

The fall Medical Team to Nicaragua is near the end of the recruiting time for team members. The dates are September 5-13, 2007. Information can be accessed at the Eau Claire Wesleyan church's web site: Contact Hannah Peterson for further information at or call 715-878-4961. Applications should be sent to Hannah Peterson as soon as possible. Both medical and non-medical people are needed. People can contribute used eyeglasses and new toothbrushes.

World Hope has added the Friends of the King School in Tipitapa to their child sponsorship program. This is a brand new school that has started out of the Tipitapa church – Amigitos Del Rey. A delegation from World Hope was there last spring and distributed school packs to students at several schools in Nicaragua, including the ones that are affiliated with the Wesleyan church. They are accepting 25 sponsorship applications through their Hope for Children project. Please pray that these children will find sponsors quickly. You can go to the World Hope website for information on how to sponsor a child. If you are interested, you need to put a comment in the comment section that you want a child from Nicaragua -05 project or Tipitapa. You will be sent a child’s bio and photo along with a welcome booklet that explains the HFC program in detail.

Jeff Anderson, pastor of the Janesville church, has resigned and will be leaving to take an administrative position with his Alma Mater, Vennard College in Iowa. Jeff and Betsy and their family have been at Janesville for eight years, steadily growing and refocusing the church every year. Their last Sunday will be August 12. We wish them the very best as they prepare for a new chapter in their lives. Remember to pray for the Janesville church as they prepare for this transition.

Dates for your Information

July 29 Gull Lake – LeRoy Drake Retirement Sunday

July 30-Aug. 4 Senior High Camp
August 4 Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana visit
August 9-11 Willow Creek Leadership Summit
August 11 Jason/Alya – Transformation City
August 12 Our Savior’s, Mukwonago visit

Leading a great team.

Your Servant,

Dan Bickel
Wisconsin District Superintendent

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