Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Team Wisconsin Update 7/11/2007

Saturday evening and Sunday at the end of June were beautiful days of celebration for 90 years of ministry for the Gull Lake church. Saturday evening was highlighted by a pig (and we’re talking the whole thing) roast and a concert. Sunday morning featured a lot of music and the sharing of memories by congregants and former pastors Rev. Russell Buck and John Heavilin. Rev. O.S. Warner and a layman, Frank Hotchkiss, opened and pioneered the work at Gull Lake in 1917. For a number of years the church was on a circuit with the Chitimo church, located east of Minong. Now, after 90 years of faithful service, they have come to realize that times have changed, the community has changed, and the demographics have changed. 19 different pastors have served the church alongside many faithful lay people. The past 15 have been under Rev. LeRoy Drake’s leadership. It is with some sadness that they have come to the end of this chapter, but it is also a celebration of the lives that have been changed over the years and the anticipation of investing the talents and resources of the people and the facilities to assist and plant other congregations in the future.


That’s how much work I did for the district for a whole week. Lots. That’s how much time I spent with family. Brent and Laura and our first grandson Jackson came for a few days, so I got to do the ‘grandpa’ thing. It was wonderful! Brice and his girlfriend Brittany came for about four days. On Friday he asked her to marry him and she said “yes”, so we are going to have a new daughter-in-law sometime next spring. That was wonderful! Then, last weekend we had the Bickel reunion – mom and dad, six kids and their families. You can imagine the zoo that was. Well, maybe you can’t. Anyway, that was wonderful, too.

News and Notes

Please continue to pray for Mary Coolidge as she deals with the loss of her husband and colleague in ministry, Skip. She is taking a short respite from ministry. Jack Martiny, assistant at Mt. Pisgah, will be ministering to the Woodland congregation during this time.

The fall Medical Team to Nicaragua is now recruiting for team members. The dates are September 5-13, 2007. Information can be accessed at the Eau Claire Wesleyan church's web site: Contact Hannah Peterson for further information at or call 715-878-4961. Applications should be sent to Hannah Peterson as soon as possible. Both medical and non-medical people are needed. People can contribute used eyeglasses and new toothbrushes.

Dates for your Information

July 8 Vacation
July 15 Burr/Valley
July 22 Beulah – Dennis Jones Installation
July 29 Gull Lake – LeRoy Drake Retirement Sunday

July 30-Aug. 4 Senior High Camp
August 4 Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana visit
August 9-11 Willow Creek Leadership Summit
August 11 Jason/Alya – Transformation City
August 12 Our Savior’s, Mukwonago visit

Leading a great team.

Your Servant,

Dan Bickel
Wisconsin District Superintendent

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