Wednesday, May 9, 2007

TEAM Wisconsin Update

Located about 20 miles east of Highway 53 and Spooner, Pastor Don Berry, supply pastor, continues to give good leadership to the Stone Lake congregation that has a dream of moving back to full-time ministry leadership in the future. They have completed a new two-story fellowship/multi-purpose addition, which provides space for meetings, meals and their Monday evening Kids clubs. The basement is gradually being finished to eventually provide added classrooms and activity space. Don and Bea travel from their home in Rice Lake to minister to this congregation and community. It was a good day with the congregation. Following the meal with the people I had a good meeting with the Local Board. As always, Don and Bea were very gracious in their hospitality toward me. And, if you’re ever there at the Berry’s bed and breakfast, he makes a great breakfast and a fantastic bowl of oatmeal!

Prayer and Notes

We received word yesterday that Skip Coolidge, who has been in the hospital in Duluth, will be going home for Hospice care. He has several physical issues that, without a miracle, cannot be resolved. Continue to pray for Skip and Mary in this difficult time.

Lowell Davis, retired minister in Marshfield, has been moved to a health facility. He can still be reached by calling his home phone. He is still very weak and needs our continued prayers.

Dennis Jones and his wife arrived in Wisconsin last Friday. They are unpacking this week and beginning their ministry at Beulah. We welcome them and thank you for keeping up with the Joneses.

Rob and Julie McDowell, Assistant pastor at Eau Claire, plan to pack this week, then move on Monday, May 14. They are moving back to Canada. Their visas were not renewed, even though they have applied and completed the paperwork. The federal government agencies are at least two years behind in processing these applications. I was privileged to stop in for their farewell at the Eau Claire church. There were many personal tributes shared that confirmed a positive influence and impact by Rob and Julie on the church over the past six years. Rob and Julie also confirmed that the church has made a significant impact on their lives as they established their home and began their family there. We wish Rob and Julie the best of God’s blessing and favor as they move to another place of life and ministry.

Chris Atkins, Assistant Pastor at Eau Claire, and Amy, his fiancĂ©e, will be married in Ohio this Saturday. I’m guessing Pastor Dwayne will give him Mother’s Day Sunday off. Congratulations to Chris and Amy as they begin their married lives together. May God bless their marriage and their home.

Doctrinal Symposium

Ken Heer writes, “We are one month away from the Doctrinal Symposium that will be held at Wesleyan World Headquarters, June 1-2. Space is available if you have not registered but would like to attend, or if there is someone from your district you would like to send. Registration can be accomplished online at, or by simply letting me know you want to attend. There is a $50 fee that covers food and materials.

I have begun to receive papers that will be delivered at the Symposium, and they are excellent. This should be a most important, interesting and informative meeting. The topics that will be presented and discussed should have direct bearing on issues of church polity and practice that will undoubtedly be debated at General Conference. I hope you will participate in it.”


The Wisconsin district website is up and running – Kudos to Jesse Hamble, worship arts director at Red Cedar, for his great work in designing and putting it together, and Merea Bragg, my administrative assistant, for the work on the details and content.

Dates for your Information

May 13 Mother’s Day
May 15 Annual Service Reports Deadline
May 19 DBMD
May 20 Burr/Valley Visit/Boards
May 27 Memorial Day Sunday
May 31 Local Church Statistical Reports Deadline

Summer Events

June 11-15 Northern and Southern Kids camps
June 21-22 District Conference/Retreat/Ordination
June 24-29 Middle School Camp
July 30-Aug. 4 Senior High Camp

Leading a great team.

Your Servant,

Dan Bickel
Wisconsin District Superintendent