Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Team Wisconsin Update 5/29/07

Last Thursday afternoon Skip Coolidge left this world to take a one way trip to heaven. Mary Coolidge, his wife and pastor of the Woodland Wesleyan church, continues to experience God’s grace and strength through the prayers of her friends and colleagues in ministry. Skip and Mary were married about 26 years ago, just a few years after he had lost his first wife. After serving in the military and working for a few years, God called him to ministry. He began his ministry in the Nazarene church, then later was called to pastor in the Wesleyan church in Colorado. Under the encouragement and mentoring by Skip, Mary also prepared for ministry and began ministering alongside her husband. Because he was over 20 years older than Mary, and due to his declining health the past several years, Mary began to take the lead in their ministry. Four years ago they came to Woodland where she was called to be their pastor, with Skip assisting.

On Sunday afternoon, the family, congregation and friends gathered for a memorial service. His son, Greg, also a minister, shared a wonderful tribute to his father. Mary and others from the family and congregation also shared words of tribute and honor. He was a man that was faithful to his family. He was incredibly creative and able to fix just about anything. He was tenacious, kind, gentle, faithful, committed to his principles, and a gifted servant and shepherd. Among other things, the defining characteristics of his ministry were his smile and handshake – something he always gave to every person every week. He was a faithful servant of Christ and he will be missed as a colleague of the Wisconsin leadership team.

Please continue to remember Mary especially in your prayers as she begins to walk the path of life and ministry without her husband.

News and Notes
Eau Claire has a new assistant pastor for spiritual formation and outreach. Matt and Kendra Ohime will be joining the staff with Pastor Dwayne Winterberg, coming from LaPorte, IN. Matt and Kendra just recently returned from Romania, serving as missionaries there for the past five years.
Rob McDowell, former assistant in Eau Claire, has accepted a staff position at a Wesleyan church in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He will be working with Jay Guptill.
Good news from Nicaragua and the Eckhardts.
· Julie Eckhardt’s test results for cancer came back clear.
· The first course, taught by Mike Knox, at the Bible school is about over and the attendance and participation has continued to be great.
· The Amigos del Rey church has opened another preaching point—their 3rd this year!

Prayer list for Nicaragua
· Pray for the Sprung family, Matt, Manda & Isaac, as they prepare to travel to Nicaragua on June 3 for a 2 month internship.
· Pray for the Knox and Eckhardt children as finish their school year in June.
· Pray for the search for a building site for the Nicaragua Ministry Center—we have a good possibility, but need to do some more research.
· Pray for the Mount Horeb church. We have been attending there and helping with the Sunday School Program.
· Pray for Jim as he prepares to teach the next course at the Bible school starting in July.

The Wisconsin district website is up and running – It is still under construction and will continue to be expanded. Check it out.

· Remember May 31 is the absolute deadline for the submission of ALL reports. It is critical that all reports be in on time because of the short time to process and prepare the reports for our annual conference. If you have any questions, feel free to call Mark Holmes, District Secretary.
· A reminder to have your church continue sending in their monthly USF amounts at the same rate as last year for the first month or two. You will be notified of what the amounts will be for the 2007/2008 fiscal year, as always, at district conference. Any adjustments can be made then.
· Northern and Southern Kids camps are coming soon. Pastor Jim Maness and Pastor Jeremy Mavis are working hard with their teams to make a great week for the kids across the district. Pastors have information for registration. Information is also on the website.
· June 4 is the deadline for you and your delegates and congregation to sign up for the meals at district conference. Sand Lake is providing two meals for us, but we need to have you all send in your information. The form is on the back page of the District Conference/Family retreat brochure. Meals are $5 per person for those 12 and over. Kids younger than 12 are free.

Dates for your Information

May 31 Local Church Statistical and other District Reports Deadline

June 1-2 Wesleyan Church Doctrinal Symposium – International Center
June 3 Drop in Visit
June 10 Westbrooke Visit/Board
June 11-15 Northern and Southern Kids camps
June 13-14 Wesleyan Women’s Ministry Summit
June 17 Drop in Visit (Father’s Day)
June 20 DBA
June 21-22 District Conference/Retreat/Ordination
June 24 Mt. Pisgah Visit/Board
June 21-29 Nicaragua Youth Ministry Team
June 24-29 Middle School Camp
June 30-July 1 Gull Lake 90th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

July 30-Aug. 4 Senior High Camp

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