Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Team Wisconsin Update 8/28/07

The Janesville leadership team met again on Sunday following the worship service to talk about vision and work on the characteristics and strengths of the next pastor. Reenie and I were there to lead the worship service and preach. We also had a chance to tour the parsonage. The congregation is doing well in the transition. Pastor Richard Concklin is stepping in to give part-time interim leadership to the congregation as they search for their new pastor. Richard and Jan have done an excellent job serving in short-term interim roles in several churches in Wisconsin.

Monday evening I met the second time with the Sand Lake board, working with them as they transition. They have also received the announcement that Pastor Jeff Bond is planning to leave Sand Lake and go on staff with Jim Maness later this fall. Jeff and Lori Bond began attending the Sand Lake church, started participating in the worship, felt a call to ministry, went on staff at the church, completed his ministerial education, and was ordained this summer. He and Lori will be missed by the congregation and the rest of the Wisconsin team. We wish them the very best in this new ministry venture.

Continue to pray for Nicaragua as the leadership searches for the right property to establish a district ministry center in Managua. As the work grows, the dream is to have a district office, a training center, a local church, a medical center and a micro-business facility. The plan is to purchase a piece of property, then have construction teams work alongside the Nicaraguans in building the facilities.

We are also asking individual churches or people to sponsor a student (minister or lay) to be educated for one year. $336 pays for one student to take at least three classes for one year. Missionaries Mike Knox and Jim Eckhardt are developing and teaching the classes. Our goal is 20 scholarships.

Mark your calendar for November 3 or 4 for an exciting and encouraging day of training and motivation for effective spiritual formation in our local churches. Dr. Jim Dunn and the other spiritual formation department heads will be in Wisconsin on these two days. It is for pastors, adult, youth and children spiritual formation directors and teachers – whether Sunday School, small group, or other leaders. The southwest and southeast regions of the state will meet on Saturday, November 3 in Madison at the Crosspoint Nazarene church. The north region will meet on Sunday November 4 afternoon/early evening at the Spooner Wesleyan church.

Dates for your Information

September 1-4 South Carolina
September 5-13 Nicaragua Medical Team trip
September 9 Woodland visit
September 16 Washington, MI
September 23 Drop in visit
September 25-27 District Flame Extension Class (Intro. to OT)
September 26 Nicaragua Partnership Committee
September 30 Safe Harbor visit

October 7 Sand Lake visit
October 9-10 OWU Visit, GS/DS Meetings
October 12-17 Vacation
October 21 Spooner visit
October 23 DBDM
October 27 DBA
October 28 Drop in visit

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